How does Pressure Manager© work with micrometers?

Pressure Manager© is software that coordinates the HBLT (Hydraulic Burst Leak Tester) pressure profiles and micrometer readings. The common method is to command the HBLT to perform a staircase test using either a test or a sequence of commands called a script. At each step in the test, Pressure Manager© requests a micrometer reading after maintaining the pressure. If using a script, Pressure Manager© records pressures and diameter each for each execution of the READ MICROMETER command. During the test or script, Pressure Manager© keeps a table consisting of the desired pressure, the actual pressure and the micrometer reading. Optionally, Pressure Manager© saves the table data in a comma-delimited file for documentation or further analysis.

Pressure Manager© uses two types of micrometers. The first is the Mitutoyo contact micrometer using the PC serial interface. The second is the Keyence optical micrometer using the PC serial interface to the Keyence 7601 micrometer controller. There are several micrometer heads available for measuring different ranges.

Learn more about the Pressure Manager© Software and learn more about the HBLT.

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