HBLT Troubleshooting Guide

Overview:This document will cover basic issues that may arise with the HBLT and provide a guide on how to troubleshoot and resolve them. HBLT Troubleshooting Guide PDF Problem Possible Problem Possible Solution BURPING The HBLT is experiencing excessive burping (clicking) … Continued

HBLT Care & Feeding – Top 10 Tips

Follow these Top 10 tips to ensure optimal performance of your HBLT. Warm up HBLT for 24 hours prior to calibration Always leave your HBLT turned on Purge the HBLT every day using a syringe or the Vacuum Purger Make … Continued

HBLT can be used for ISO 594-1 and 2 compliant testing

In the past few years, there have been several inquiries regarding the HBLT’s ability to perform tests that comply with different ISO standards. Crescent Design’s HBLT can perform tests that are ISO 594 compliant. The HBLT can be programmed to … Continued