Burst Testing an Angioplasty Balloon with the Hydraulic Burst Leak Tester

This video demonstrates the Crescent Design Hydraulic Burst Leak Tester and Crescent Design’s Pressure Manager© software being used to burst-test a raw angioplasty balloon.

We see the balloon being filled prior to the actual start of the linear ramp test. When the actual test begins you see that it acquires the ramp rate quickly and maintains 20 psi per second until the balloon bursts.

You can also see that the volume (the lower blue trace) is reported as the balloon expands and stretches. The delivery rate remains fairly constant until the pressure reaches about 50 psi when the balloon begins to expand faster and the volume delivery rate increases. The Hydraulic Burst Leak Tester’s sophisticated control software is automatically increasing the volume delivery to maintain the desired pressure ramp rate.

The Pressure Manager© summary screen displays the pressure and volume values in real time until balloon bursts where it captures the actual burst event pressure of 336.5 psi and the event volume of 1.09cc. The Result Messages shows the test elapsed time of 16.9 seconds.

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